If you have some weird shapes or/and surfaces to make, and you are tired of fighting with them, contact us and let us resolve your headache.

We will do the hard part- producing a usefull-money making and time saving machine code for you.

We will make a NC code (G & M) for your machine. So, we will post the code for the machine you specify and if needed we can modify the existing posts and
you pay us after your part passed the quality control.

Is there anything more to offer?

Take a look at one of the recent codes and how we cured the customer's headache :)


code comming soon ...

live simulation to come ...
40 minutes to cut cavity

real pictures ...
thm_DSC00013.jpg thm_DSC00012.jpg thm_DSC00004.jpg thm_DSC00016.jpg

Contact us and let us erase your headache