Source of 3D industrial design, rapid prototyping and custom computer programming

Cincinnati Arrow 750 Vertical Machining Center
complete with DL10B rotary table(4th axis), tool holders, tools, cabinets, manuals, computers, ... 
complete shop!

2D On-line Nesting powered by Rhinoceros®

3D CAD/CAM Mechanical Design
They've said mechanical engineering  isn't that interesting  major, well, whatever we see around us, someone needed to design!
NC/CNC programming (tool paths G-code and/or M-code)
Let us put some money making tool movements into your control!

Prototyping and manufacturing
We are comfortable with 5 axis world, no shape make us wonder: turbine rotors, blades, flights... are welcome! such as:
Axial Fan, Axial Inducer, Axial Stator, Centrifugal blower, Centrifugal Compressor with Splitter,
Centrifugal pump, De-Swirl Vane, Radial Turbine, Baskey Impeller, Wicket Gate.

Let us quote to design or/and  to manufacture your part(s)!

Programming (C/C++/VB/FoxPro/ASP/SQL/SolidWorks/Rhino3D)
So far we were able to control that invisible world of memory address locations.
Latest CAD/CAM projects
Something we played with!
E-CNC Auction/Garage sale page
To get something cheap and still useful!

Cincinati arrow 750 VMC for sale!

E-CNC's/CAD/CAM/CAE tricks corner
cool! share it!!

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